Monday, November 16, 2015

How hard can it be?

Really. How hard can it be for Prince Alarion Aravon, newly minted victor on battlefields both earthly and arcane, to find his brother, King Traven, a wife? Well...

Not so easy if you know nothing about girls. And two of the candidates are fixated on you. And you're in love with one of the candidates. And one of those demure misses will do anything to be Queen.

Yeah. Easy.

But Alarion has not battled and won against the gods of Fate and Death and Chaos for nothing. Ever the diplomat (and a pretty fair hand with a sword when it comes to it), he is wise enough to spot trouble when it flounces toward him. But figuring out how to steer the right candidate toward the King without breaking his own heart or launching a scandal that will rock Sevakand end to end--that's a much trickier job. Because the courtly games cover a much, much deeper problem.

The first reader review of The Heart of God on Amazon sums it up rather well, actually:
The emotional intensity of this story will carry you along with it. Believe me, you will really care about the King's choice of wife—and not just because you'll be rooting for one or another of the candidates (though you will!), but because of the impact the choice will have on other characters. At some points you'll grit your teeth about what you expect to happen, at others the whole question seems a problem with no possible resolution, yet the story brings you to a satisfying conclusion. And there's more going on than courting—there's also politics, the intervention of the gods, and dark hints at existential conflict to come, which may threaten any peace the characters may have found for the moment. An excellent book, with emotional depth, characters you will love (and in some cases hate!), and an intriguing plot. I highly recommend it.
 I hope you, too, will enjoy reading this book as much as I did writing it. You can find it in both print and ebook at any major outlet.

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