Monday, October 19, 2015

The Heart of God: Humor, intrigue, and romance all in one

The most miserable part about dating is trying to figure out the opposite sex, isn't it? Young people (and, let's face it, all the rest of us) face that minefield of "What is he thinking? What does she really want?" from that first, timorous attempt to get together. Probably ninety percent of the time it's not what you think/hope. So how much funnier is it when you can look inside everyone's head and eavesdrop on what they're really thinking?

Welcome to The Heart of God, the third book in my Fate's Arrow series. King Traven must find himself a wife, and Sevakand's process means that the girls must court him. None of this find-a-suitable-noble-girl-and-call-it-a-marriage stuff; both parties get a chance to refuse. So he tasks his younger brother, Alarion, with putting together a list of candidates and awaits their arrival in Yarom.

There's just one hitch. Alarion doesn't know anything about girls. As in, he's still a virgin at 18, in a court filled with willing orvi who would gladly knife all their rivals in the back for a chance at his bed. He is in no wise prepared for the likes of gorgeous Elenya Gregor, who takes one look at him and forgets all about the fact that she's supposed to be vying for the King's hand, not his. Or pretty Miria devLacey, who innocently manages to spark all kinds of thoughts in his head that poor Alarion can't really do anything about. Or sad Linor Major, who everybody but her thinks would be ideal for the King--if she would just look at him.

So there they are, each with an agenda, and only the reader gets to see what everyone is thinking in a delicious romp wherein the fun is well spiced with very real danger. Because at least one of those girls will do anything to be Queen.

Meanwhile, Fate, Death, and the Thousandth God are still playing their intense games, as Fate tries to shape the future she wants for the planet of Ariel, Death pursues his vendetta against Alarion, and the Thousandth God . . . well, he just can't resist the thought of a little chaos thrown in to make things interesting. And there over the border of the march, the heathen fanatics are now well stirred by Alarion's passage among them. An unexpected defection from the ranks of Alarion's friends is about to set the kettle boiling. Chaos? Even the Thousandth God may regret rolling his dice before it's all done.

The Heart of God will be available November 1, so mark your calendar! In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek at chapter one here.

You can also get caught up on the series with The Mask of God and The Mark of God.

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