Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Smoke-free and loving it

So, after a whole month of living in the smokiest state in the union, we got rain last weekend that washed the air clean and cooled the whole place down. Like, thirty degrees. From low 90s to mid-60s, and chilly enough at night to need a fire in the woodstove. My whole body is wondering how we got to Antarctica so fast. It is always amazing to me how 70 degrees can feel like an oven in the spring and a refrigerator in the fall.

The camper is off the truck and back on its blocks, with only minor cussing in the process. It was such a pleasure to haul all the memorabilia and legal stuff out of the truck and back into the house! I do not feel so guilty leaving the place even to buy groceries now. I have a fair hope that the house and barn will still be standing when I get home.

Being a cancer patient, I am forced to think about survival every blinkin' day, but there really is nothing like a natural disaster to make you appreciate what you have or what you stand to lose. My heart hurts for all the families that were burned out and lost everything but each other. And that is the essential thing, isn't it? Things can be replaced, for the most part. Even the most precious memento does not, in the end, give us life; it only enriches it. The real treasure is in the people around you, the ones you will go on with. They can't be replaced, and so any day you get out with your lives is a good day, however horrendous the shock of coming home to a pile of ashes.

Thus far our state has been lucky. The death toll has been low, but even one life lost is too many. Send a few good wishes our way that the rains continue and the fires die out soon, before that number changes, or anyone else loses their homes. Thanks!

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