Monday, August 31, 2015

The Reading Addict Showcases In Heaven's Shadow

I have an article up today at The Reading Addict as part of my ongoing blog tour with Goddess Fish Promotions. Like so many readers, I want a book to take me away to new places, to experience adventures with people I don't know but would like to. I love immersing myself in new worlds, new places, and new cultures.

In "Writer, Take Me Away!" I talk about how this applies to my own writing, and particularly In Heaven's Shadow, my Civil War ghost story/fantasy that blends my love of history with my love of fantasy and—almost!—meets my original goal for my writing career. I fully intended to get a history degree and then happily settle into writing historical fiction for the rest of my life. Really.

Somehow, that didn't happen! But I enjoy the heck out of what I write, and I hope you all do too. 

If you comment on the article you could win a $15 Amazon gift certificate. Hop on in and leave your thoughts!

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