Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cover reveal! The Heart of God

Aaaaand (drumroll), Peter Benchley has released the cover for the third book in my Fate's Arrow series, "The Heart of God." He chose to illustrate a scene in the book where the hero, Alarion Aravon, finds himself in over his head with a girl. You see, Alarion is a bit shy around the opposite sex, and has never yet nerved himself to notice an orvi, one of the courtesans of the Sevakandi court. So when it comes times to help his brother, King Traven, choose a queen, Alarion happily throws candidates at him, feeling himself safe from having to do anything but dance with them.


The candidates feel a bit differently. Two of them are enamored with him, and one of them is not at all shy about advancing her case. He is angry and embarrassed (because, let's face it, he really doesn't know what to do about her), and Elenya just isn't interested in taking no for an answer.

I loved writing this book partly because Alarion is so clueless about women. It's a bit of a Shakespearean farce, actually, with everyone at cross purposes and misreading everyone else. I deliberately use a lot of POVs (points of view), sometimes even in the same scene, because I wanted the reader to be clued in to whatever the various characters are thinking about each other even as the characters themselves remain baffled.

The warfare in this book is far from the battlefield and ever so polite, though not without bloodshed. Here is no polite negotiation between Great Houses to throw two young people who've never met into a political alliance of convenience. In Sevakand, the King chooses his own bride from available candidates and the women are free to refuse. The consequences of a wrong choice are grim for all concerned, hence the invitation to Yarom for all parties to get to know each other. A bit like "The Bachelor," I suppose. With knives.

Will Alarion finally lose his virginity? Will the object of his affection remain within his reach, or end up his brother's queen? Will scheming Elenya get her hooks into the King--or Alarion? And what is Fate's intention in bringing three so very different women together to battle for the queen's crown?

Enter to win a copy of "The Heart of God" by leaving a comment with your take regarding the cover. The book will be available later this month. Watch for the official release!


Unknown said...

I love the ambiguous look on his face…. and that you cannot see her expression, either.

Works of S. A. Bolich said...

Thanks, Roberta, I'll pass that along to the artist. We went back and forth a bit trying to find just the right balance that didn't make him look either like an evil overlord or a smitten teenager. I hadn't thought of how mysterious her hidden face makes her, but you're right!