Thursday, August 13, 2015

Catching up and Worldcon schedule

Holy cats, could the last two weeks have been any more of a whirlwind? Why is getting ready to go on vacation so stressful? Answer: another question. How can a camper that has been quietly parked for a year need $1300 worth of repair? Aaack. I opened the door to put something inside, slammed the door...and the entire right-side window shattered into a jillion little pieces. And that was before I even put it on the truck. Groan.

Plus, the two roof vents that I knew were cracked and needed replacing turned into all of the vents having developed cracks around the base (and in their little plastic roofs), so all of the covers got replaced and the roof sealed. Thank goodness I keep it tarped all the time or it probably would have been worse. Then, of course, the propane tank turned out to be out of date (and the wrong type) which means I couldn't have gotten it refilled if I had tried, which meant a whole new tank, and... is camping really worth this?

Oh, yes. I joined my brother and sister and their spouses and a couple of their kids and helped pack in materials for the Forest Service in the Idaho panhandle. The Backcountry Horsemen of Washington and Idaho have partnered up to pack bridge timbers and decking and other stuff in where mechanized vehicles can't go or aren't allowed. The Northwest Youth Corps is rebuilding the trails, and doing a fine job, too. This particular trail happened to lead through old-growth cedar groves that have never been logged, so it was like riding through the forest primeval. Just wonderful. Exactly what the doctor ordered!

That is not me, obviously, as I was on the third horse back taking the picture. It was nice to just ride along and play photographer!

I have a bit of lull to catch my breath this week, though I am preparing for a rather intense blog tour that begins next Monday at Unabridged Andra's. Be sure to comment at any of the blog stops listed here to win a $15 Amazon gift certificate.

Then, eek! It's Worldcon already, being hosted right here in my home town of Spokane. That begins next Wednesday the 19th. Here is my schedule:

Thursday August 20, 12:00-12:30
Room 301, Convention Center

I'll be reading from one of my books, most likely "The Heart of God," Book 3 of the Fate's Arrow series.

Friday August 21, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Room 300C, Convention Center

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. Twenty writers will read for five minutes each, a marvelous cornucopia of fantasy, SF, alternate history, erotica, and everything in between.

Saturday, August 22, 11:00-11:45Exhibit Hall B, Convention Center
Autograph session. Come and get your books signed!

Sunday, August 23, 12:00-12:45

SpoCon Presents: Sex of the Future
"A tongue-in-cheek, no holds barred, innocent exploration of the crazy things modern (or ancient) heroes have had sex with and speculation on what happens next."

Sunday, August 23, 14:00-14:45
Spokane Falls Suite A/B, Doubletree Hotel

The Road Goes Ever On...Realistic Journeying Before (or After) Motor Travel
How do pre- (or post-) auto travelers manage to cross continents without combustion engines? Do you carry food or hunt it? What about moving small groups or whole armies? How do fantasy quests compare to post-apocalyptic wanderings or to warfare on foot?

And there you go! I do hope to see some of you at Sasquan. If you can't come to the convention, I'll keep you posted as to the blog tour and hope to chat then.


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