Thursday, July 9, 2015

This and that

Well, today was interesting. I learned several things that surprised and or tickled my funny bone. First and foremost, this week's trip to the doctor did NOT result in an unexpected 2-day side trip to the hospital for a blood transfusion. That was delightful.

I also discovered whilst shopping for summer shorts that I possess an unexpected fashion treasure trove in my jeans drawer. All those ratty, beat-up barn jeans that are hovering on the edge of being made into cut-offs? Yeehaw, they are right in style! It would seem that "distressed" is the look and all I need do to be trendy is do what I was going to do anyway: cut the suckers off somewhere above the knee, turn up the cuffs, and sashay out the driveway. Who knew?

Aaaaand... I finally caught the culprit who has been drinking the dog dish dry down at the barn red-handed in the act. A big, beautiful whitetail doe (not unexpected). I have been keeping Jack's water dish full for the neighbor's cat, who spends most of his time over here. I could not figure out why it was dry every other day even in this heat (it's a big dish), but now I know. Mystery solved. Now if I could just keep her from raping my lilies...

It's 95 in the shade here at 6:35 p.m., so, since I pried my lazy bones out of bed and rode this morning, I shall lounge on the deck in the breeze tonight and guard the lilies. Oh, how I love summer.

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