Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life after internet

Yes! There is life after internet! After the humongous storm that swept through here last Wednesday, I was without power for four days and only got internet access back today. Talk about internet withdrawal! But you know what? I got so much done: one book for my publisher edited, one book of my own revised and turned in, and some actual time for just...reading. For fun. What a concept.

I am suddenly quite grateful for the fact that my low-output wells have resulted in many unsuccessful attempts at getting trees to grow around my house. Two big pines at the end of the driveway (far from the house) snapped off about 15 feet above the ground. Fortunately the horses were well down in the pasture far from any trees. The damage farther toward town, though, was awesome and rather miraculous in that no one was hurt, let alone killed, despite falling trees smashing 44 homes in a trailer park where I once briefly lived 20-odd years ago. I have always believed in Fate (for good reason). Days like that sort of reinforce my belief in the universe.

Stay safe, everyone, through heat and drought and ice storms and thunderbangers!

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