Friday, March 28, 2014

I know I've been quiet, but...

... I hate dragging my personal problems out in public. I have shared previously that I have cancer, however, so the long and the short of the long silence here over the past month is that I spent the first week of March in the hospital and the rest of the month recovering from it. The good news is that the docs seem to have fixed the immediate problem (yay! I can breathe again!) and things generally seem no worse than they were before. I am now actively working to regain my stamina, after two solid months of my lungs filling up, followed by getting a needle stuck in my back to drain it out, following by more fluid, another needle... You get the picture. That's (hopefully) all better now, and I am so looking forward to summer.

Now, if I can just get the weather to cooperate! I envy the folks in England who saddle up and ride anyway whatever the downpour. I used to do that when I lived on Ft. Lewis over on the west side of the state. I well remember taking dressage and jump lessons when the rain was bouncing off the mud puddles and dripping off Kalup's mane. I was younger then. And dumber. :)

While I've been out of the loop I've been pleased to see that the initial reaction to my latest releases, In Heaven's Shadow and The Mask of God has been wonderful. One reviewer called In Heaven's Shadow " of the loveliest, most moving stories I've read in a long time... filled with wonderful characters and delightful magic." Two more different books you will not find, but I enjoyed the heck out of writing them both. And Mask has horses! Lots and lots of horses, so you can see how I personally use equines in my writing.

If you encounter and like these books, by all means post a review. That is one of the best ways to help out an author you like and share the love for what you read. And I would love to hear what you think, good or bad. How else can authors know when they're getting it right?

Cheers to all of you who keep up with this blog. I promise to weigh in more often from now on!