Sunday, January 26, 2014

And the real In Heaven's Shadow cover looks like...

This! Ta da! The designer and I agree that this is a tough book to illustrate conceptually, because it is not a perfectly round peg to fit neatly into a round hole. After experimenting with sepia and full-color versions of various concepts, she had a brainstorm and came up with this. It captures the Blue Ridge that is the setting, the Civil War that is the backdrop, and just a twinkle of romance in the lettering.

I like it! What do you think? Looking at it, what do you think the book is about?

Better yet, would you "look inside" to find out?

"In Heaven's Shadow" releases February 6th from Taliesin Publishing. It's one of my favorite books, with a heroine at once shy and bewildered and brave, and very magical. It is about the constant tension between who we are and what other people expect us to be--and who gets to decide what is "respectable." I hope you'll like it.

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