Monday, March 18, 2013

The Talking Horse

Heh. Further to my last Horses in Fiction post on the noisy horse, my principle of "when your horse talks, listen" was amply demonstrated just now. I stepped out to get a chunk of wood for my woodstove and heard a horse nicker. Since all of the neighbor horses have been well established in their pastures for a very long time, that immediately made me wonder what was going on.

My suspicion was confirmed by the sight of my neighbor's white pony staring up the hill toward my barn. Upon investigation, lo and behold, there was a second neighbor's pinto mare in the pasture with my two. She has visited before, with generally unhappy consequences for my fences (she is built like the proverbial brick outhouse).

I had just started down the hill to see if my neighbor was home when I encountered her out looking for her mare. Happy ending all around, though she did not, I note, offer to fix my broken fence... Ah, well, better that Bailey breaks my fence and gets off the road than that she gets hit by a car in her travels.

The source of her sudden urge to roam? She's in heat, what else?

Geldings are SO much less trouble!


Diana Pharaoh Francis said...

She shoulda fixed your fence.

Works of S. A. Bolich said...

Every year either somebody's horse or somebody's cows end up in my pasture. Nobody has ever offered to fix the dang fence. Most of the time I'm the one that has to return the critters, too, since it seems to be okay with them to pasture their stock in someone else's field. It's irritating but whatever.