Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Win a Signed First Edition of Firedancer!

What does living fire think about? Jetta ak'Kal very much fears she knows. The problem is discovering what to do about it.

Find out what it feels like to dance with living flame. Between now and April 30 you can sign up at Goodreads to win a signed first edition copy of Firedancer, the first book in the Masters of the Elements series. Immerse yourself in Jetta's world as she battles the elemental flame lurking at the heart of the world--fire that thinks, and plans, and badly wants out of its cage. And she's already lost to it once...

Firedancer has been hailed as a "can't put down" experience, epic fantasy of a different sort. From now until the end of April you can enter the giveaway at Goodreads to get it shipped to you for free, signed by me. This is a first edition, so don't wait and be like John Grisham, regretting he let over 800 copies of his first novel slip through his hands. Those first editions are worth over $4,000 apiece now!

Treat yourself to a book! It's free at Goodreads right now. And if you want to find out what's next for Jetta, check out my fan page on Facebook for sneak peeks at Windrider, coming next month to bookstores everywhere.

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