Monday, February 13, 2012

Radcon Bound

I will be at Radcon in Pasco, Washington this coming weekend (February 17-19), sitting on several panels, doing readings from Firedancer and other published work, and watching my publisher blush (she's the publisher guest of honor this year). Come on along and get a sneak preview of Windrider, the second book in the Masters of the Elements trilogy!

My schedule at Radcon currently looks like this:

Friday, Feb 17: Panel 4:00-5:00, "Core Editing Skills" with Ben Bova, Patrick Swensen and Deby Fredricks (Sage Room)

Sat, Feb 18: Beneath Ceaseless Skies reading, 10:00-11:00, Reading Hall

Sat, Feb 18: 11-1, Lunch as a Book Signing, Silver Front

Sat, Feb 18, Panel 2:00-3:00, "World-Building" with Jaleta Clegg, John McDonald, and Christine Morgan

Sun, Feb 19, Panel 9:00-10:00, "The Rewriting of History" with Anna Snyder, Michael Ehart, Kara Helgren, and the incomparable Cthulhu Bob.

I will also be hanging out in the small press room and wandering the halls looking dazed, I imagine. Track me down. I'm happy to stand and chat!

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