Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Time Travel and Misplaced Objects

Broad Universe is an organization dedicated to promoting the work of women writing science fiction and fantasy. Every month it hosts a podcast discussing some aspect of those very broad genres. This month it was Time Travel, and yours truly was part of the discussion. I also read from my own time travel story, "Misplaced Objects," in which a pregnant time traveler finds herself with a real dilemma on her hands. . . one of her twin sons was born in 1842, the other in the 24th century! How to get these two misplaced objects back together? And will either of them believe the truth?

You can find the lively podcast discussion here.

I have also made the entire story available on my website, since it hardly seemed fair to leave listeners hanging!


iffatali said...
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iffatali said...

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