Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reality Skimming or skimming reality?

Heh. Orycon was wonderful. I do love science fiction conventions.

A great little interview with me and with my characters is up at Reality Skimming for their series on continuing characters. Since my characters do appear from book to book, beginning in Firedancer and progressing through Windrider and soon, Seaborn, they definitely qualify as continuing characters.

However, I switched the viewpoint characters, which was unexpectedly difficult despite the fact that I am a big fan of switching POVs within a novel and do it all the time. However, these were single-viewpoint books and suddenly I had to get inside a new perspective to see how a main character looked to someone who formerly had been a secondary character.

Anyway, it's all over at Reality Skimming today. Go have a look at what Jetta and Sheshan have to say for themselves.

And if you want to read Firedancer in its entirety, it's both cheap (.99) and available pretty much wherever ebooks are sold, starting at Amazon. Windrider will be out in April.

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