Thursday, April 28, 2011

Firedancer Due Out in September!

I have been quiet for far too long, but with excellent reason. I was approached at Radcon back in February by a small press publisher who really, REALLY wanted to see some of my work. (Yes, short stories do get you noticed.)

She wanted a series; all of mine need work. I dug around in the drawer instead and dusted off an old standalone moldering in there called Firedancer. She loved the concept: there are no swords here; the enemy is elemental fire lurking at the heart of the world, battled by the Fire Clans through the medium of the Firedance. But our heroine, Jetta, lost her last battle with the Ancient, Old Man Fire, and with it, the village under her charge--and her lifemate. Now she has been ordered to another village by her clan, where she must find the courage, and the means, to fight an enemy that seems to have grown far more clever, and no longer responds to the Dance as it should.

Long story short, after a frantic 10 days completely overhauling the second half of the book, I send it off. An hour later I got a phone call with an offer for a three-book contract. So now this standalone is about to become a series, and I'm busy trying to figure out where the story is going next.

All good! But that's on top of editing someone else's novel, doing 4 intensive critiques for Norwescon, writing a new story in the Firedancer universe for an anthology, and trying to keep up with client work and my workshop duties for Other Worlds. Oh, and cleaning up still another, much longer, MS for another publisher altogether (also by request). Were March and April busy? You could say that!

So that's my sob story (well, not really, I'm pretty jazzed) as to why I haven't been blogging. Now I'm off to finish that story...