Sunday, December 26, 2010

Farewell and Hello

Farewell, 2010, hello 2011. This year was a bit of a challenge all the way around for me (as you may have noted by the fact that I haven't blogged since September! Egad.), so I'm actually glad to greet 2011 as a fresh start. I plan to use it to continue to stretch as a writer, to reach some publication goals, to finish the two big projects underway in my drawer, and to just enjoy life more. This year was pretty nose-to-the-grindstone and it slipped by really fast. More flowers are going to get smelled in 2011 at my house.

One of my clients gave me a great Christmas present, a bracelet that says "Embrace the journey." That's a great sentiment, and one I plan to keep in mind. Life is a back road with no map to tell you where you're really going. You get to decide whether to turn off, go back, or keep forging ahead to see where it all ends up. The best times I ever had in Germany were those when my hubby and I got lost on the way to wherever we had decided to explore that weekend and wound up in even more interesting places. So yes, life is as much about the journey as the destination.

That, I suppose, is why I like being a writer. Most times, I have no clue when I write the first sentence of a story or a novel how it will end or what will happen along the way. I get to find out when my characters do. That is fun, and exciting, and makes the less-fun parts of the writing process bearable. You know, those times when drudgery is the only way to break through to the next part that rejuvenates the story and your enthusiasm for writing it.

Embrace the journey, folks. May 2011 bless us all with new vistas and wondrous destinations!