Monday, April 19, 2010

News from the world

Hmm, I didn't think it had been quite so long since last I reported in, but it's been a busy six weeks. First there was the Short Story in a Week challenge on, my workshop, which ran all through March, then Norwescon at the beginning of April (more on that in a minute), then a frantic dash to overhaul a manuscript and get it out to Tor before the editor forgets that she asked for it. So now that's all done and I can think about some good things that happened in the course of that six weeks.

First, I did get my 8 stories in during the SSIAW challenges, which means I didn't have to skip one of the word lists, and I now have even more stories to pick through and clean up. I did sell an SSIAW recently: "Wishes and Horses" to Tales of Moreauvia, so that is a bit of a motivator.

Norwescon was wildly successful from my point of view. I subbed a couple of pieces to the writers' workshops there for feedback, and got great input. I highly recommend this venue; the critiques were thoughtful, professional, and a lot of successful pros in the genre donated their time to do them, for which I am so appreciative. I hope I can give back at next year's con. And the icing for me was running into a Tor editor, who listened with sympathy to my tale of the last MS they requested from me going into a black hole--and then asked that I send it to her. So woohoo! Maybe this time I'll actually get an answer.

Best of all, I came home fired up with new ideas, some of which I'm going to write about in the next post. Ideas that will make me a better writer, I hope, so stay tuned. I intend to share!

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