Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Undercover monsters or spooks you can see?

Today we have guest blogger Naomi Clark, my fellow author at Damnation Books. Her newest book, Silver Kiss, is just out at QueeredFiction. Today she's sharing her thoughts on the monsters we love to create – and read about:

It seems that in Urban Fantasy you get two types of monsters: those in hiding, and those in the open. In SILVER KISS, the monsters are out from under the bed and living in the open. The werewolves are out of the closet and very firmly among us. There are advantages and disadvantages to that, of course. But I’m interested to know what readers prefer – undercover monsters or out and proud monsters?

What makes for a better story – the solitary vampire struggling to hide his true nature from his neighbours, or the pack of werewolves trying to fit in with their community? Would you rather see the trails and travails of a lone faery finding his place in the world, or the adventures of a hoard of goblins living in the big city? Dragons hiding in caves or selkies working at the local swimming pool?

Either option brings its own conflicts and problems. I chose to have my werewolves out in the open so I could explore how they might fit into modern society. But it would be equally interesting to see how they avoided modern society. In a world where organ transplants, ID cards, and forensics are so commonplace, how long could a monster stay undercover?

I’ve got a great contest for everyone. There’s an ebook for a winner at the end of today and everyone who enters now will also be in the running for winning a signed print copy of SILVER KISS drawn at the end of the week. Just answer this simple question in your comment to be entered into both competitions:

What do you prefer – hidden monsters, or monsters in the open?

You can catch up to Naomi and take part in the contest at her website,