Friday, May 1, 2009

Damnation Press Debuting with My Story

I'm quite tickled to be helping to launch a new market. Damnation Books is beginning publication in September as an e-book publisher. They are starting with 25 titles, and my dark fantasy short story "Who Mourns for the Hangman?" is one of them. I'm delighted to have another sale on the year, and wish Damnation Press every success, of course.

That's a nice way to end the week!


Alexa said...

Sue, congratulations! (I'll say it here instead of adding to everyone's overflowing inboxes.) And congratulations on your March sales too (as I was head down over hot office computers at the time you announced them). Hope the new market thrives.

I hope the day job goes smoothly, too. You never did explain.. what exactly is a client from hell?


Works of S. A. Bolich said...

Long may Damnation Books live! The client from hell was a guy who hired me to help him polish his novel, then proceeded to try and claim a bunch of my time he hadn't paid for, got huffy when I said no, and ended by proclaiming all of the "excellent" work I had done for him (his word) was actually arrogant and crummy get the picture. Newbie writer not up to pro crits, which is too bad, because he has a great idea and the book could be good with some work. Sigh.