Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are the stars in alignment?

Good grief. Last week, due to the stock market, my broker's mistake, and execrable timing, proved to be a new financial low for me despite the sustained rally. I don't wanna think about my short-lived retirement no more. I am now freelancing fulltime and sort of wedging my fiction in around the edges like always.

With that said, however, this week started with a bang and just keeps getting better. TWO sales out of the blue, including one where the editor, bless his heart, tracked me down to give me the good news after his emails repeatedly bounced back. Kudos to Scott Andrews at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which took my story "Kraken's Honor" for publication this fall. I also want to thank Anne Niven at Pangaia for accepting my story "Master of the Bones." I've been on one of my periodic "why do I bother?" kicks of late, despite being in the throes of the March Short Story in a Week challenges at Other Worlds Writers' Workshop. Sales certainly do make life look better!

Speaking of the SSIAW, I have four stories in thus far and I'm midway through a fifth. I like the first two I posted a lot. They have stepped out of my usual comfort zone--a long, long way out, and feel much more mature to me, as though I've finally stopped being afraid to speak my mind. There is so much that is beautiful in the world, and so much that makes me angry. I am always pleased when I can rail beautifully.

So to speak.

Go check out a funny little pub called Science Fiction Trails. Yes, this is a shameless plug, as one of my stories just came out in it. You can purchase the magazine here.