Thursday, January 22, 2009

Of snow and Pollyanna

Okay, I had every intention of checking in over the holidays, but then it started to snow. And snow. And snow. Over 5 feet in less than two weeks. That's just rude. After last winter everybody was hoping for a mild(er) winter, but nooooo. We got 2' in one day and then storm after storm after storm. The good news is that after clearing the roof of my 2600 sq ft house by myself, all those Christmas cookies are history. Two jillion calories burned, wahoo! The bad news is that I have to fix my barn roof come spring. Two of the support timbers broke but it did not cave in, thank God sincerely, because my horse was in the stall directly underneath. My wonderful brother-in-law came up and helped me shore it back up. Or rather, I handed him tools while he shored it back up. I wuv my family!

The year started on a depressing note: a rejection from some soul at Intergalactic Medicine Show working on New Year's Day. Thanks, fella. Way to set the tone. However, my ego was salved when Science Fiction Trails snapped up "Message in the Dust" in less than a day. I got the contract two days later by snail mail. That's gotta be a record, which makes me wonder if I should have shopped that story around a little. That was the first place I sent it. But if the market's right, it's right, and I appreciate the sale. Let's hope the trend continues.

My New Year's resolution is to quit obsessing on all the rotten things that could go wrong and focus on accentuating the positive. At the end of the day, I want to be able to say "It was a good day." Even on Tuesday, when an expected check failed to show up and the market took a nose dive, it didn't snow! The sun was actually out for a while, and it's one day closer to spring. So let's hear it for the Pollyanna syndrome. It's working so far...

I have 18 subs out so far this month, 1 acceptance, 1 rejection. I'm looking at a lot of different markets I haven't tried before, so we'll see.

Cheers from Pollyanna!

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