Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sold a story!

It's been a weird few weeks. We had a bit of unpleasantness on the workshop, to the point of members leaving, which makes me sad that they chose just to leave rather than flag me privately that they had a problem with a member. Hopefully things will settle and work out now that it's been addressed.

Got a nibble on a short story from Cat Tales, and a solid bite from On Spec. After nearly 2 years of going back and forth with rewrites, they finally bought "An Infinity of Moments". Woohoo for me! The money's nice but the publishing credit is nicer. This comes a day after I started sending out resumes, thinking the financial situation is not going to improve anytime soon and I need to be thinking about incomes other than my sinking mutuals. Maybe this is a sign not to give in? Hmmm....

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