Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blogging for the techno-challenged

Good grief. Who knew blogging required a secret decoder ring? I went looking for ways to get this blog some traffic, and stumbled into the frightening world of pings and burns and feeds and other techno-ghoulies lurking in the weeds to devour my blog should I fail to decipher Da Techni Code. EEEEK!

I used to teach web design. Honest. Once upon a time I considered myself fairly with it regarding all things webbie. That was before blogs. Now I feel like that tool bag lost by the astronauts the other day, whizzing forlornly along after the space station, never to be reunited with a friendly hand ever again. I fear I may have to resort to secret thumbing through "Blogging for Dummies", if such a tome exists. Either that, or spent more than thirty seconds researching the subject. Rats. That's like guys asking for directions. I seldom actually need the directions when starting new things. Blogging is clearly meant to be a humbling exercise.

Anybody else feel like Igor the Village Idiot when they first started a blog?

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