Sunday, October 19, 2008

'Nother Sunday

More gorgeous weather at this end of the world. I'm still fighting with the ISP, but there's nothing I can do about until tomorrow, when they swear they will fix it. So even though my email won't send even tiny text messages and I'm stuck so far as getting proposals out, I'm working in a little work around enjoying the great outdoors while the weather lasts. A stray Brittany Spaniel showed up here Thursday, lost, thin, and scared. Since I live so far out in the sticks, I doubt he's a real stray. More likely somebody dumped him. So now I guess I have two dogs. What's one more mouth to feed? That makes 3 horses, 6 cats, and 2 dogs. Sigh.

I'm bummed about missing so much of the Muse it Up Writers Conference, as there was some good stuff in the marketing chats. I've had to settle for reading the transcripts, which is not quite the same as being able to ask questions, but this week I've had to take what crumbs I can get. The topper was when I queried On Spec about a story that's been hanging fire for 9 months, only to have the editor tell me that they had a staff shakeup and a lot of stories got misplaced. Mine was one of them, apparently. Since they've always been good about answering, if a little slow, I have no reason not to believe her. That's 9 months and an IRC wasted for Canadian return postage. Aaaack.

It may be time to go ride, now that I've made both the dogs happy by a tramp through the woods. It's hunting season, so that means sticking to the dressage arena. I have two bays and a black, not the colors I want to be riding through the woods just now.

I have a kitten draped over my shoulder, head-down to the rear, purring in perfect contentment. It doesn't do much for my typing but makes for a wonderful ambiance in the room!

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are.

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